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Cesare Pietroiusti
(b. 1955, Rome, Italy)

Cesare Pietroiusti's interventions, performances and video works are primarily concerned with questioning our ideas of value in terms of both money and art, and rethinking the logic of exchange. Reversing our usual relationship with money, he has opened a shop where the goods for sale are banknotes and the currency used to purchase them is the customer's gaze, and set up exhibitions where the artworks are exchanged for visitors' ideas. 

Pietroiusti's practice often starts with assigning himself or others a task, or asking others to give him instructions. He has solicited stories from people in the street (and elsewhere) and bartered with practical skills, giving lessons in making mayonnaise, writing the Greek alphabet or properly flossing one's teeth in exchange for being taught to cut hair, use Photoshop, or remove one's vest without taking off one's coat. His interests lie in collaboration, participation and co-authorship: 'what I like most is that popping up of ideas that wouldn't have otherwise emerged from the individual minds of the participants.'
Production and Free Distribution of Drawings Workshop
A whole day workshop in two parts, the outcome of which is that drawings created by the artist and participants are then given away for free but subject to various specific conditions - for example, the owner or 'holder' of the drawing commits to give it away to the first person who asks them a question that they cannot answer.
Each whole day workshop is in two parts. Mornings are spent brainstorming to arrive at the particular conditions to be printed on these transient gifts, which are intended to be passed from one temporary holder to the next. Afternoons are occupied with the actual making of the drawings, using unconventional media such as tea, salt water or beer.

Price: £10 per day
Concessions: 50% off (limited availability)
Venue: Hayward Gallery Room 4  (19 and 20 June), Hayward Gallery Room 1 (21 and 22 June)

Approximate duration: 7.5 hours including a two-hour break