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Olga Grotova
Olga Grotova is an artist and curator based in London.  Her practice is influenced by digital media, simulation and classic literature.  In her work she explores possible realities through storytelling of fictionalised events, staged interventions and constructed narratives.

Olga has worked at Baibakov Art Projects in Moscow and  the Pinchuk Art Centre in Kiev.  She currently works in the London headquarters of one of the leading Russian foundations for contemporary art, the Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture.  Along with her thorough and up-to-date knowledge of contemporary art from Eastern Europe and Russia, she is intimately familiar with the work of leading performance artist Elena Kovylina.  She will lead this class according to Elena Kovylina’s instructions, with the artist in attendance as a visitor to the class.
Performance, ritual, symbolic action: rite as play and the art of performance
Over two sessions this workshop looks at secular ritual in contemporary life and its relation to acting and performance art.
Participants are asked to single out elements of ritual that lie hidden in ordinary, everyday customs and behaviour. A separate task entails creating new rites, either ironically or seriously. Practical exercises involve performing symbolic actions, both traditional and absurd, and participants are invited to come up with proposals, improvisations and actions related to the theme.

£20 (2 days)
Concessions: 50% off limited availability
Venue: Hayward Gallery Lecture Theatre

This is a two-day course. Ticket vaild for 2pm, Thursday 5th July and 10am Friday 6th July.

Approximate duration: three hours each day